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Hoverboy’s History

In Toronto Fan Expo a multi-pronged convention featuring comics, anime, horror and video games returned on August 22-24. 

Present was the Mr. Comics booth with the usual assortment of awesome comic book goodies but this time it was complimented by the adjacent Hoverboy Museum.

Photo provided by Paul Sterling Sterlstudios.com

To celebrate the launch of the new Hoverboy comic written by Ty Templeton and drawn by Steve Molnar a museum was erected (decorated with wood paneling!!) to showcase and celebrate the incredible historical fluidity of this outlandish superhero.

With such a rich unique history the Hoverboy Museum captures many of the mediums Hoverboy has graced.  From action figures, to Saturday morning cartoon serials and cereals, to comic books to…a working Hoverboy belt?  Apparently somebody at NASA was a Hoverboy fan and built a working belt, so cool!

Rick Green (formerly Commander Rick of Prisoners of Gravity) who is currently shooting a Hoverboy documentary reveals:

Rick Green
Photo provided by Paul Froc www.combustiondigital.com

What I like about Hoverboy is he’s been there for the past…70 years and he’s always been on the wrong side.  He’s a bit like Forrest Gump but an evil version: he’s always wrong.”  Green was ecstatic to interview Hoverboy supportive fans and insightful critics: many memories recorded on camera for the documentary.

Mr. Comics editor Ty Templeton and writer of the Hoverboy comic sees Hoverboy from a bigger picture. Despite owning the dubious honour of being the most sued superhero of the 20th Century Ty discounts claims Hoverboy is the worst superhero ever quoting instead from the Comic

Shop Buyers News (“the news for people who want to buy comic shops not comics”). “Hoverboy is recorded as the 73rd most popular superhero of the 20th Century…Hawkman is 72 and Niles Caulder—the original professor from the Doom Patrol—which is a good spot to be.”

Ty who’s been a fan of Hoverboy as a kid, avidly collecting the toys and comics recently won the rights to Hoverboy in a poker game.  Thus prompting this new comic book about the republican superhero crammed with collateral damage.  Green describes the book as “a dark version of a very dark character.”

Thanks to all who dropped by the Hoverboy Museum and shared their fondest recollections of this quirky action adventurer.  I know visiting the Hoverboy Museum has inspired me to consider what kind of legacy I’m leaving behind!

Sammy Hoverboy Fan #11

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